Delight’s Plight – Work in Progress

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Delight can soon unleash his/her rage in this 2D on rail beat ’em up game!!

One day a tragedy struck the calm fields of Delight’s home as all the animals started to turn ferocious. From goldfish to giraffes, the previously hunted became the hunters. Even the top of the food chain now prey on it’s own kind. What in the world is causing this insanity? It’s up to Delight to find out.

While Delight is always on the move in this game, you have many ways to control him/her in each level. Delight has forward slash, upward slash, air forward slash, air down slash, grab and throw. You can also make this feline grab branches/vines to climb higher. There are also Hyper moves that you can level up by defeating enemies!

Are you precise enough to sweep everyone in your path?

White is also here to make sure you fail. He has many tricks to keep you on your toes.

There are many different enemies rushing your way so learning the patterns of their attacks is key to staying alive.

There are only 2 people in this project, which means I take the visual part and my friend, Alexander, takes the programming (in Unity engine) part. Though it seems like it’s gonna take forever to complete this, we actually did a lot of work in the past year. All the Delight controls are done (only Hyper moves remain) and level progression elements, so right now we are working mostly on designing levels.

Stay tuned for more updates !!