Journalists keep avoiding this video for some reason

It has been almost a year since the drama happened, but I still see journalists halt the interviews with me because they saw some defamatory post about me online lol And then they write – “I am sorry , but I did not know you are harassing minorities. I am afraid we cannot continue. “

And when you ask them to explain what they mean exactly they go ” I am afraid I do not have time to investigate. We do not want to risk out inclusive reputation.”

So they have time to investigate some tweets about me, but refuse to see any evidence against their claims? I guess it’s for the best they run away, as that shows what type of journalism they do (same Kotaku-type woke garbage and pandering to leftism).


David Glueck wrote a screenplay for a feature film about a gooey creature who can cover human bodies and give them super powers. Something like Venom from Spider Man, but more child-friendly. I was asked to do all the visuals for the pre-production.

I did the storyboards, character designs and poster art. We pitched the idea to an incubator event, but we came second, so sadly there was only prize for the top winner. Still it was really fun!


Here is me with David, dressed in the Noodle costume