The new book I illustrated is out now!!

Despite barely making any sales, this is the 4th book by the same author I worked with to illustrate all her work ūüôā That’s the power of passion!

You can check it out here





David Glueck wrote a screenplay for a feature film about a gooey creature who can cover human bodies and give them super powers. Something like Venom from Spider Man, but more child-friendly. I was asked to do all the visuals for the pre-production.

I did the storyboards, character designs and poster art. We pitched the idea to an incubator event, but we came second, so sadly there was only prize for the top winner. Still it was really fun!


Here is me with David, dressed in the Noodle costume


Cover art for a music band.

These guys helped me out greatly with their sound work for my films. So it was my turn to help them out.

The guys in the band have these fictional characters as their stage personas, so I made them in a science fiction fashion. Of course with a cartoony twist.

At first:

Then we went with this:

Later, for another release I made this:

TV ident

One assignment I had in the university was to create a bunch of TV idents…using ONLY Adobe After Effects! That was a nightmare, since I had zero experience using it.

The highlight of the project is the creative aspect. I got to create anything I wanted to promote a network (unofficially). I chose NHK, the Japanese one, since not only is it only 3 letters long, this network is known for a huge variety of quirkiness.

So here are the storyboards from those idents I made. Yea, I know they don’t look professional at all. But the goal for me was to create a story in a quickest way possible.

Ident #1

Ident #2 “Zee Love”