Hi there,

I’m Anton, Anton Servetnik. And I am here to share my world with you. There are many ways to do that, but I choose pictorial art. Cartoons and animation in particular are my main subjects. Fun!

So here I am working on a storyboard project.


It is for a Lotte film. Lotte…? Why yes! That Lotte!


Ok, chances are pretty low of you knowing this character if you are outside it’s country of origin. So here is where she’s from.

That bright spot in the middle is Estonia. Not only it is Lotte’s birthplace, it is also mine! I may have Estonian citizenship, but which nation or culture I identify with is a difficult matter. Having lived in different countries and studied various languages for many years throughout my life I consider myself sort of a global citizen.

But enough about me! This place is about my work. So if you’re into drawing, cartoons, comics or games, I hope you find something here that catches your eye. I also often go into the animation studies so join me on my journey to explore this massive field!


Outside of this site, you can find me on:







25 thoughts on “About

    • Hi there! Yes, I have been to Poland and Germany, and to all the countries surrounding Estonia (Russia, Finland, Sweden etc.) But I have yet to go to Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries in central/south Europe! Would love to one day 🙂

  1. Hey dude, just here to let you know that you’ve been blacklisted from pretty much every job in the animation industry in pretty much every note worthy company. This isn’t just because you’re a bigoted POS, it’s because you trace artwork for profit and you sexually harassed a minor. Hope you enjoy low end jobs.

  2. Tere olen Eestlane mulle meeldib sinu joonistused ja sellest et ajad liberaalid üli närviks et see on lihtsalt naljakas mulle jaoks lugeda ma soovin sulle edu sinu tulevikku töö eest!

  3. Don’t listen to them…ur actually the reason i went back to drawing and trying to improve my skills…not only that it also made me not scared to show my art to the public…your art and animations are awesome and i enjoy your Comics…well Take Care.

  4. New follower of yours. Started following you ever since Daft Pina put you into the spotlight (wasn’t even a follower of his, just watched his commentary on Hazbin Hotel and then I got interested in the whole “Racist Tr@cer” thing). It was easy to spot his attempt at character assassination, the badly editing (which shows that stuff was edited out and was missing context), the unwillingness of granting the benefit of doubt, and just the absolute unprofessional attitude of trying to drag someone through the mud by bringing up unrelated things to try and poison the well.

    Stuff like that pisses me off because it happens to a lot of people and I will stand up for anyone who gets smeared, lied about, or gets piled on because they don’t follow the orthodoxy. I am genuinely impressed with how you do not fall in line as most people just call the quits and just go completely off the radar and disappear. Keep going strong, for I have a feeling that within a decade or two, this whole thin-skinned crybaby culture will come to an end.

    Best wishes from some Icelander,

  5. Hi there Antoonz, I’m a new follower, been watching since you made youtube animation EP5 (so about a week, give or take). I came across your channel from some dude claiming you were a fucking terrible person. I had to see for myself and lo and behold: you weren’t. I have to say I fucking love the content, and I have mad respect for the amount of cringe you undoubtedly have to suffer through in this dumbass crusade against you. The fact that you haven’t yet given up or at least taken a break to let the drama die down as most creators would have at this point says more about your character then any one of the numerous fucking “social outcasts” that seem to resort to feeling over fact at any given chance can.
    Thanks for providing entertainment, and know you have people backing you.

    With regards,

    • Hey Ewan, thanks for the supporting words, much appreciated 🙂 I’m glad people can think for themselves and not follow the mob mentality. Art community online is 99% liberals, so of course I’m sticking out quite well among the woke, thus I am very cancellable in their circles. Anyway, stay tuned for what I have next. best

      • You too Antoonz, its really good to see people actually speaking their minds and not being afraid to say things they think because of cancel culture. Current society is sheltered as fuck so its refreshing to see something other than people cowering in fear next to the crowd of individuals who believe having 15 different genders will give them attention. (To clear things up to anyone who may try to use this against me in any way, I don’t hate LGBTQ or any movements related to personal beliefs, I dislike the culture that forms around it and choices some make because they are misguided.) I am very excited to see what is to come on your YouTube and really enjoy the antoonz drama remastered video as I was never able to see the original one.
        Best of wishes from America, Ewan

  6. Hey, Antoons! I’ve followed you on and off for a while, and I’m not sure if you still check on this, really. But honestly, looking at some of your art again has inspired me to try getting back into drawing! Sorry if this has been answered before, but is there an archive or anything of any resources or lessons you’d be willing to share? I’d like to send some money your way too to support your work further! I hope I haven’t been a bother, and hope you have a good night (at least over here it’s night right now lol.)

    • Hey there, welcome to the cave. Im glad my art inspired you, and I really should do some online course on art sometime. You bring a good suggestion. I do not have anything at the moment, but I will now consider it seriously. The school I teach at is mostly in physical form, so we dont have an archive that is kept somewhere with all the lessons.
      Thanks for the support, and I will make an announcement or some posts on art in general when I get to it. Either here, or through Twitter. Heres the newest account https://twitter.com/AntoonsOfficial

      Also, theres a new merch store coming up, so maybe theres something there to your liking too 🙂


      • Wow, I didn’t think I’d get a reply on here so quickly! Thank you so much, and I’ll definitely try to check in more on here, your Twitter, and when the merch store pops up! Wishing you the best also, and I hope the online courses go smoothly if you decide to set anything up!

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