Hi there,

I’m Anton, Anton Servetnik. And I am here to share my world with you. There are many ways to do that, but I choose pictorial art. Cartoons and animation in particular are my main subjects. Fun!

So here I am working on a storyboard project.


It is for a Lotte film. Lotte…? Why yes! That Lotte!


Ok, chances are pretty low of you knowing this character if you are outside it’s country of origin. So here is where she’s from.

That bright spot in the middle is Estonia. Not only it is Lotte’s birthplace, it is also mine! I may have Estonian citizenship, but which nation or culture I identify with is a difficult matter. Having lived in different countries and studied various languages for many years throughout my life I consider myself sort of a global citizen.

But enough about me! This place is about my work. So if you’re into drawing, cartoons, comics or games, I hope you find something here that catches your eye. I also often go into the animation studies so join me on my journey to explore this massive field!


Outside of this site, you can find me on:







17 thoughts on “About

    • Hi there! Yes, I have been to Poland and Germany, and to all the countries surrounding Estonia (Russia, Finland, Sweden etc.) But I have yet to go to Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries in central/south Europe! Would love to one day 🙂

  1. Hey dude, just here to let you know that you’ve been blacklisted from pretty much every job in the animation industry in pretty much every note worthy company. This isn’t just because you’re a bigoted POS, it’s because you trace artwork for profit and you sexually harassed a minor. Hope you enjoy low end jobs.

  2. Tere olen Eestlane mulle meeldib sinu joonistused ja sellest et ajad liberaalid üli närviks et see on lihtsalt naljakas mulle jaoks lugeda ma soovin sulle edu sinu tulevikku töö eest!

  3. Don’t listen to them…ur actually the reason i went back to drawing and trying to improve my skills…not only that it also made me not scared to show my art to the public…your art and animations are awesome and i enjoy your Comics…well Take Care.

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