This doggie came into existence sometime in late 2011-early 2012. I had an idea of a silly looking overweight ball that does nothing but fart.

These are original sketches of the naughty dog.


Foofie was born almost at the same time as Howard, the monkey. They were supposed to be together from start, but they were not friends of course. Howard is too civilized to take such rude behaviour as farting in public. Little does he realize that all Foofie wants is to share some warmth…







Roy is the middle-school kid who wants the life of a bully, but not just any bully, but the one on top of them all, the Bully King. Because no school wants to keep him after witnessing his act, Roy is transferred to a new place every single day of the week. But how far can he go?
















This cat-like creature was created during my Fall semester in UK in 2010. There was this assignment to go to the zoo and draw the animals there. The animal you chose had to be later re-created for the animation movement studies.

However, I didn’t go to the zoo that day. I think it was partly because of the weather, also since it was too far and expensive (during my student days) for such a trip. But there was another solution! The place I was staying at was also home for one black cat. What luck!


So after spending some time with that feline, I started to notice that the cat’s body was very flexible. It could stretch and bend so much, that it reminded me of a rubber hose character. That’s when I decided to design Delight’s torso and arms in such abnormal proportions.

P1160373I wanted Delight to have a menacing stance, but it didn’t work too well at first as you can see. Also he/she looked kinda like a rat in some sketches.


Delight always had a somber and kinda sinister feel to me. No wonder though, as at the time of my studies I was starting to feel more and more depressed as I was attending a new university in an unfriendly town. I was also renting a room in a house, which I had to share with a very politically incorrect, or just evil landlady.

2012 graffiti idea
Print But actually, Delight is only now starting to play a role in my projects (video game and a short film), so there is pretty much nothing we know of his/her real personality.


 This is the last time I drew him/her with a hook-like nails. It’s just not that great animating them.


In 2013 I decided to add Delight’s enemy, White. I think they look good together.


So many possibilites to make a slick battle between them!

Delight is ready to fight.

P1160468 P1160467 P1160465 P1160463 P1160462 P1160420 P1160361

Cherry Cheers

In 2009 after playing Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (押忍!闘え!応援団) on my Nintendo DS I was consumed by the idea of a cheerleader heroine. But of course it would be boring to have a mannequin cliché for the main character so I thought of letting Cherry be as far from the proportions ideal as possible. So mixed with her hyper personality and incredible dreams I think she could be one meaty package for the cartoon lands.


This big gal took a few different stages in shape and form.

Actually, her original name was Betty.

This is was her birth form in 2010.

These are some sketches a few months later. I guess she gained weight pretty soon.

cherryorigins P1160411P1160416

I already had ideas for a short story of Cherry’s origins. Here are some thumbnails.


In 2011 one of the university’s assignments was to create a poster for the next year’s student film. I still cannot remember what I was thinking when choosing these awful colours.


When I was studying abroad in CCSU (Fall 2011) I chose to do a sort of a mockup of a pitch bible (for cartoon series) as my final submission for the colour drawing class.



Here, I could explore her expressions a bit


And I think that was the first time I let Lemo play a role in Cherry’s world.


There was this woman in the university, I never got to find out who she was, but she had a really unique voice that I thought would work very well for Cherry.


Cherry’s home idea was also born during that project.P1150799                              Cherry’s family made debut here as well


         Kinda weird drawing that’s depicting whats not ok to do in the show


                                        Here are some support character ideas

                                                  Cherry’s high school




                                                  some quick concept work

P1150812 P1150815

Thanks to that colour drawing project I managed to gather loads of ideas for Cherry’s world, so in 2012 Cherry left her Betty phase. This was her peak in personality development as she starred in her own comic book and later was considered for a short film pitch.

A bit of messing around with acrylic.

P1160407P1160377 P1160425

She became more flexible, softer and just cuter with that giddy grin.

I live how the latest Cherry looks, and I hope to return to her sweet madness one day.




I guess I can say this is sort of my mascot since he tends to show up in my work more than anyone else. After all, it takes seconds to draw his stick figure. With his trademark nose, bushy eyebrows and wide grin Mr.Sneaks is a wacky character who lives just to have fun. Though for Mr.Sneaks there are no boundaries, so he is not exactly a nice guy when it comes to choosing ways to enjoy himself.

Does he have a heart or does he even need one? Maybe one we’ll find out.

P1160368  P1160402 P1160408

This cheeky fellow has been trying to find his form over the years and I think he did it.

P1160418 P1160470

Here is Mr.Sneaks’ 2010 appearance in my sketchbook


In 2010 there was this little idea for a short film. Here, Mr.Sneaks was supposed to be a flat paper-like shadow trying to get to the 3D world.


I sometimes left the tail out


2009 Everything black was also an idea for him


2008 What is up with those hands?


2007 Shortly after his birth. I wish I could find the very first Sneaks image in my high school notebook, but so far this is the oldest one.