1000 Subscribers on Youtube!!!!

To celebrate I complied a bunch of GIFs I made originally for Keke Flipnote in late 2016. Keke does a lot of GIF animation, so I was inspired to create something similar, you can see all the original gifs on my tumblr. So here is the video version 🙂

Foofie can be extremely annoying to some people, so be warned this includes something Foofie does best.

Mr. Sneaks – Episode 3

This was born out of an idea for a parody. As I struggled to get attention on Youtube with original IP’s, I started to realize that its the parody videos that get the most views. So I figured it was about time to try that, but without losing my own character, Mr.Sneaks. Sure, this didnt get as popualr as the Sonic video on my channel, though I’m still glad this turned out critically well, especially in the sound department. Newgrounds liked this film a lot too 🙂

Suntria and Sprout – Episode I

This project went through many phases. After graduating in late 2013, I still did not have any new films since 2011. I was losing hope as I was spending more and more time in solitude, not to mention I had no steady work. So in my deepest depression in early 2014, I forced myself to animate something with the same characters I had in my unfinished project for my final year in university. These are the walking plants I was obsessed with for a while.


It took about 4 months to get the animation done, and it took even more time to get the music and sound ready. And by the time that was done, I realized that something else was missing, and so I changed the original intro into a more dramatic one, as it actually shows some plot elements, which I want to slowly unveil with future episodes. Also, I finally added the typical “subscribe” begging screen, but with a little preview for an extra treat 🙂

So finally, after over 2 years you can see what I was up to.


The Bully King (2011)

Originally called “Transfer Student” this short was made for a college assignment in early 2011. I had very little experience in cartoons back then, so this little film was a great way to learn animation, and to annoy my teachers. I also learned to never use Flash again in my life.

I originally wanted to make this concept into a series (A kid who steals the bully crown in every school he is transferred to), but then I quickly got preoccupied with other things, so it was left in the dust all this time. Only recently I remembered this “experiment”, and so I decided to edit it a bit and make it more watchable. Huge thanks to The Intergalactrix for helping out with music and sound!!

Mr. Sneaks – Episode 2

I wanted this character to do more action so I ended up doing this long episode. All the animation took about 2 weeks, but the sound work and voices took a bit longer. It is all worth it because the music/sound quality here turned out to be spectacular!! Again, thanks to The Intergalactrix who did all the sound work. You can find all their stuff here https://www.youtube.com/user/theintergalactrix