Illustrations for a children’s book, Explorations of Commander Josh.

JoshssIllo 12

In 2014 my pencil drawings were finally published!! All thanks to Donna LeBlanc, who created the story and wrote all the wonderful rhymes. It was really fun working on it.

An animated commercial for a children’s book.

I made this in 2014, after I finished doing inking work on Kaspar Jancis’ illustrations for the book Lennujaama Lutikad Ei Anna Alla (Kairi Look).

These characters are designed by Kaspar, but the whole animation idea and execution was done by me.

Exploration 94

Middle school made me play more and more games, but my high school free time consisted entirely of video games. It was the only sanctuary from all the disgust and ugliness I had to deal with in the community of my school. I had to often question myself if it was maybe me who was abnormal instead of everyone else. Luckily, all the negativity was washed away once I stepped into the different worlds of virtual reality.

In the mid 2000’s there was a huge battle between different video game companies. This is when I discovered online forums and that is what made me do this.

Still, none of the online forums could ever break my loneliness.



Exploration 93

When I went to high school my creativity was probably at the lowest point possible. From the very start I did not know any of the people there, and later I just stayed away from everyone (reason: disgust). So being a complete loner for 3 years made me stiff, anxious and very awkward. As it is evident in very few drawings I did there.

The true Dark Age of my life.