I guess I can say this is sort of my mascot since he tends to show up in my work more than anyone else. After all, it takes seconds to draw his stick figure. With his trademark nose, bushy eyebrows and wide grin Mr.Sneaks is a wacky character who lives just to have fun. Though for Mr.Sneaks there are no boundaries, so he is not exactly a nice guy when it comes to choosing ways to enjoy himself.

Does he have a heart or does he even need one? Maybe one we’ll find out.

P1160368  P1160402 P1160408

This cheeky fellow has been trying to find his form over the years and I think he did it.

P1160418 P1160470

Here is Mr.Sneaks’ 2010 appearance in my sketchbook


In 2010 there was this little idea for a short film. Here, Mr.Sneaks was supposed to be a flat paper-like shadow trying to get to the 3D world.


I sometimes left the tail out


2009 Everything black was also an idea for him


2008 What is up with those hands?


2007 Shortly after his birth. I wish I could find the very first Sneaks image in my high school notebook, but so far this is the oldest one.


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