This cat-like creature was created during my Fall semester in UK in 2010. There was this assignment to go to the zoo and draw the animals there. The animal you chose had to be later re-created for the animation movement studies.

However, I didn’t go to the zoo that day. I think it was partly because of the weather, also since it was too far and expensive (during my student days) for such a trip. But there was another solution! The place I was staying at was also home for one black cat. What luck!


So after spending some time with that feline, I started to notice that the cat’s body was very flexible. It could stretch and bend so much, that it reminded me of a rubber hose character. That’s when I decided to design Delight’s torso and arms in such abnormal proportions.

P1160373I wanted Delight to have a menacing stance, but it didn’t work too well at first as you can see. Also he/she looked kinda like a rat in some sketches.


Delight always had a somber and kinda sinister feel to me. No wonder though, as at the time of my studies I was starting to feel more and more depressed as I was attending a new university in an unfriendly town. I was also renting a room in a house, which I had to share with a very politically incorrect, or just evil landlady.

2012 graffiti idea
Print But actually, Delight is only now starting to play a role in my projects (video game and a short film), so there is pretty much nothing we know of his/her real personality.


 This is the last time I drew him/her with a hook-like nails. It’s just not that great animating them.


In 2013 I decided to add Delight’s enemy, White. I think they look good together.


So many possibilites to make a slick battle between them!

Delight is ready to fight.

P1160468 P1160467 P1160465 P1160463 P1160462 P1160420 P1160361

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