TV ident

One assignment I had in the university was to create a bunch of TV idents…using ONLY Adobe After Effects! That was a nightmare, since I had zero experience using it.

The highlight of the project is the creative aspect. I got to create anything I wanted to promote a network (unofficially). I chose NHK, the Japanese one, since not only is it only 3 letters long, this network is known for a huge variety of quirkiness.

So here are the storyboards from those idents I made. Yea, I know they don’t look professional at all. But the goal for me was to create a story in a quickest way possible.

Ident #1

Ident #2 “Zee Love”

Cherry Cheers – Slightly Alternative Path

This is not exactly considered a comic, but the way this beatboard looks makes want to put it in this category. The main difference is that the word bubbles are under the panels! Also, this story is a kind of a remake of the already posted comic. When I was submitting it to Cartoon Hangover I wanted to wrap the first Cherry chapter up in a short pilot episode.


So anyway, here is that board