Exploration 98

In Fall 2008 I started my animation course in university.

That year of my university life was not exactly what I expected. I never imagined that there would be such a small amount of time required to be on campus. Having only lectures on 3 days of the week was very dissapointing, because I was dying to have a social life. But I ended up being a hermit yet again. But this time I did not play video games that much. My new passion was to improve my art in anyway possible.

I remember how anxious I was becoming (so soon after Germany had finally made me confident again), though concept of time was my biggest fear. I always thought about not wasting any minute, since the student/rent expenses my mom was paying always put guilt on me. I wanted to make the best of my time in the university.




I was reviving my cartoon roots during the freshman year by reading as many animation history books as possible.

At the end of the year I went to Seoul for some time, and one of the most unusual things I did there were these paintings.