The Bully King (2011)

Originally called “Transfer Student” this short was made for a college assignment in early 2011. I had very little experience in cartoons back then, so this little film was a great way to learn animation, and to annoy my teachers. I also learned to never use Flash again in my life.

I originally wanted to make this concept into a series (A kid who steals the bully crown in every school he is transferred to), but then I quickly got preoccupied with other things, so it was left in the dust all this time. Only recently I remembered this “experiment”, and so I decided to edit it a bit and make it more watchable. Huge thanks to The Intergalactrix for helping out with music and sound!!

Mr. Sneaks – Episode 2

I wanted this character to do more action so I ended up doing this long episode. All the animation took about 2 weeks, but the sound work and voices took a bit longer. It is all worth it because the music/sound quality here turned out to be spectacular!! Again, thanks to The Intergalactrix who did all the sound work. You can find all their stuff here

Mr. Sneaks – Episode 1

This took about a week to do all the animation stuff. I was exploring TvPaint 10 on my new laptop, so I wanted to play a bit with the sizes, because before I was always limiting myself when making projects in TvPaint. My laptop was simply not strong enough to handle everything I wanted.

Huge thanks to the Intergalactrix for doing all the voices and sound work!!