Pill Fighter Update #2

After a 7 day ban on Twitter I managed to work more on this project. More animation is now complete for Mr. Freaks and some of Puppychan’s moves are done too.

After talking to a seasoned programmer he will need funding for the job, so we will start a crowd funding campaign for that. Stay subscribed to this site for updates, since I may not last long on Twitter with this content.

7 thoughts on “Pill Fighter Update #2

  1. Lolol, did you make bank buddy? Fucking kek. Imagine trying to make being a fucking Nazi into a profitable business. You were always going to lose because good Americans shoot Nazis, like back on the beaches in Europe. And with any hope, we’ll come to the realization that dragging you out of your Nazi homes and burning you alive in the streets is not “intolerant”, its fucking cleaning up the disgusting Nazi mess like God intended. #hopeyougetcancer
    And that’s not disrespect for cancer victims, I fully recognize the horror that is cancer. I just think its about what you deserve: Your precious Caucasian cells mutating and killing you slowly and painfully while your loved ones suffer your suffering.

  2. I know I’m new here, but I liked the look of this fun parody game. Tbh I don’t care for the controversies about you (since I think everyone deserves to be made fun of) and I just want to know if you’re still working on the game. Can’t find that video of puppycorn gameplay anymore either.:(

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