The Banned Comic

July 5

After posting on Twitter it quickly gained attention on Reddit which caused an angry mob reporting it and eventually Twitter locking my account until I remove the comic.


10 thoughts on “The Banned Comic

  1. Euthanizing the kid because you disagree with them is just a bad business decision. People pay wayyy too much money for furry porn.

    • Trans and homosexuality aren’t the same thing. Funnily enough, they accept Trans people more than gay people because they can understand people having disphoria and being born in the wrong sex. Iran actually subsidizes sex reassignment. If you’re gay there, they force you to undergo it because they assume you are trans, and can understand a Trans female being attracted to males instead of homosexuality.

      It’s a bizarre example of being so oppressive that they end up having one miniscule saving grace

      Not to mention, just because they’re hated by the majority of a religion, doesn’t mean people can’t still be gay and Muslim, just like someone could be gay and christian. They find their way to apply their religion to their own lives.

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