Mr. Freaks at the protests

July 21

This comic got so much attention even Vaush (the Left-wing activist) noticed it.



I also made a Deluxe version based on popular comments


12 thoughts on “Mr. Freaks at the protests

  1. Not sure where you’re from, but here, paedophilia is one of the worst things a person can be. I do not consider myself left wing, but comparing anyone to a paedophile is extremely offensive, because they prey on young minds who are not ready to consent and mentally scar people for life, and are generally seen as absolutely vile people. Homosexuality, by contrast, specifies the sex you are attracted to; nothing about age. Same as heterosexuality. “Gay Rights” tries to promote rights between 2 CONSENTING adults of the same sex. Whether or not you agree with this, is up for debate and frankly I don’t care if you disagree with it. But comparing it with paedophilia makes no sense, and the only reason I can see for this is that you hate gay people and you want to attack them in any way you can.

    • I thought love is love and love has no boundaries. Also, the people who created traditional marriage between a man and a woman, and the beautiful for each of the two sexes, are the same people who created the age of consent for intercourse. You are just defending them in that regard.

  2. maybe if you, for a second, weren’t so ignorant you could see that the LGBT don’t want pedos and will never allow them to use the same argument or to try and justify their attraction to a kid that can’t consent. Pedos will never be accepted by anyone. They should go and get treatment. ”Oh but it sounds like what happened with gay people!” the difference is that gays are two consenting adults. I don’t understand where y’all got the idea that the LGBT want the child molesters. If you could, with all my kindness, shut the fu*k up, that would be great. (also this is not to purely hate on you, but because you could still change.)

  3. Actually, furry rights is understandable considering how the media, including social media treats them. With assholes just coming to someone’s profile to wish death upon them, tell them to commit suicide, call them degenerates, accuse them of serious crimes that will ruin their lives like bestiality or pedophilia and all over an interest for cartoon animal characters, Is it really that surprising that there would be a furry rights movement? Hell, an anti outright told me an actually amazing, smooth, and fluid furry animation that looks like it would belong on TV wasn’t an animation just because it was made by an amateur animator who happens to be a furry. But yet it’s fine if big, professional animation studios like Disney or DreamWorks do it?
    Nobody in the LGBT community nor the furry community will ever defend pedophilia or incest. People like that have no rights whatsoever. The right to die or get punished, maybe. But that’s it. That never has and never will be a movement, and even if it does somehow manage to become one in the future, it’s destined to fail. But being trans, gay, or furry does not equate to raping kids.

  4. Hello mr. Antoons. So, you’re probably going to expect me to yap on about what recently has been going on, which I will a bit, and that is kind of why I am here. I would like to firstly say other than the actions you are acused of, I do not have anything against you. I do not agree with your views but I understand that that especially in this day and age others will not agree with your political views, let alone listen. This however is the first time I have ever heard of you, and I genuinely like your art style, and I can see you do this as a career, illustratiting books and other work beyond the internet and your animations. I would also like to make a point that I agree to an exent that many of your critics are using your controversy so they can pump out tabloidesque videos about you, them truly caring about the morals in question is questionable in itself, and if they were to trip and fall like you, they would be thown to the crows aswell. With this all said, I want you to know what continuing this on your end only feeds it, as you did do something wrong at the end of the day and you had the chance to make amends, not even renouncing your political beliefs, but to apologise to that kid. I’m sure you aren’t a bad person deep down, and you let your pride get the better of you. I don’t know you, but I’m sure you in some way mean well. So be a man and do the right thing. I had to do it several times in my life, and it never gets any easier brother.
    -A potential fan

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