Mr. Freaks at the protests

July 21

This comic got so much attention even Vaush (the Left-wing activist) noticed it.



I also made a Deluxe version based on popular comments


4 thoughts on “Mr. Freaks at the protests

  1. Not sure where you’re from, but here, paedophilia is one of the worst things a person can be. I do not consider myself left wing, but comparing anyone to a paedophile is extremely offensive, because they prey on young minds who are not ready to consent and mentally scar people for life, and are generally seen as absolutely vile people. Homosexuality, by contrast, specifies the sex you are attracted to; nothing about age. Same as heterosexuality. “Gay Rights” tries to promote rights between 2 CONSENTING adults of the same sex. Whether or not you agree with this, is up for debate and frankly I don’t care if you disagree with it. But comparing it with paedophilia makes no sense, and the only reason I can see for this is that you hate gay people and you want to attack them in any way you can.

      • You realize the “slippery slope” is an fallacy made by people with no evidence of how events will turn out. I’m pretty sure you just hate gay people dude.

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