Exploration 92

One of the meanest things I made during middle school (grade 8-9) was my infamous comic series. Starring my classmate.

He was this snobby kid who also stood out because of his trademark suitcase he brought with him to school everyday.

Even though a lot of the kids in my class thought the comic was a brilliant idea, I did apologize to the guy in the end.

I don’t think I should post the rest as it may be too gross.

There was another comic series starring a bully-type classmate. He was the tallest and fattest guy in our class, who could care less if his nasty behaviur offends anyone. He liked getting into both small and big fights.

Again, I should not post the rest of this.

Basically, at the time I was going through some dark times. But I guess I never forgot how to turn something into humour, no matter how tasteless it may be.

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