My Earliest Drawings

At least the ones I could find.

My sister says I was already drawing from very early age when we lived in Estonia, before the big event in my life.
After divorce of my parents, when I was 3, my dad “kidnapped” or took me to West Ukraine without telling anyone. I remember a few moments when he came to the daycare and we got into a huge truck with lots of his belongings. It was a fun journey for a child, since I could see all the Baltic countries on the way to Ukraine.
I remember drawing when we were staying for a few months in some country house and later, my dad’s relative’s apartment, before we settled in a village called Sadky. That’s where he married a new woman.
I have surprisingly many memories from that time, but sadly none of the drawings I did have survived. After about 2 years my mom finally found my whereabouts with the help of the police. When she arrived I could not take anything with me, as she rushed me to the car. I never returned to that village again, but the real tragedy for me was that I could not see my dad again during the rest of my childhood. Only after 18 years did I meet him again, but that’s another story.

Back to the drawings topic. I will keep posting here my entire collection of all the different stages of my development. The only problem is that there might be inconsistency with the dates of my earliest pieces. Because there is this gap between age 3 and 5 when I was in Ukraine and none of the drawings remained from that time. So there might be a mix up of the drawings I did before going to Ukraine and of the ones I did after returning at the age of 5. Anyway, I will try to sort it all out.

Here is one drawing that has my age written (top right corner) at least. I wish the other 500+ drawings showed that as well.

this is the flip side of that drawing

Then there is this one, which looks older, but it does not have a date.

I am guessing this one might be older too, it says “Jerry” and is most likey from Tom and Jerry cartoon.

I find these quite interesting to study. The way a child tries to capture his/her thoughts into shapes and forms has always fascinated me. Also, it’s worth noting that most children start out on the same level of drawing and later develop a specific style, so I’d like to see how I chose the path I am on right now.

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